Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 1: The North River from the Driftway Conservation Park in Scituate to the Third Herring Brook in Hanover

We set out around 2 p.m. from the Driftway Conservation Park after a wonderful send-off by NSRWA and others for the approximately 13 mile journey inland to the Third Herring Brook. On board for the day's paddle was my father, Peter Tyack, and family friend Jim Spelman (see picture to the left). Though midges and clouds were both numerous before our launch, both thankfully disappeared once we shoved off as the sun came out and we rode the last bit of the tide out past the Spit and into the river's mouth. Fourth Cliff was visible to the east as we paddled to the right towards the "Dauphtucket" building along the old railroad tracks and the Rt. 3A Bridge. The tide was low enough to see the massive mussel middens right after the bridge, but deep enough to keep us happily afloat.

The rest of the trip went perfectly as the sun kept the clouds at bay. We paddled with the tide for the rest of the idyllic, golden afternoon, experiencing the slow variation from the broad salt marsh of the mouth to the brackish and even fresh water vegetation farther upstream. We also noted the many metal plaques commemorating the sites of the many historical North River shipyards, paddling past Cove Brook, King's Landing, the Union St. Bridge (under construction), the Norris Boathouse and down towards Blueberry Island and the Rt. 3 Bridge. Near the end of our trip we spotted a snapping turtle before making the turn into the 3rd Herring Brook to the Tyack home at around 6:40 p.m., ready for food, family and friends.

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