Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 2: The Herring Brook

I left the Third Herring Brook early the next morning in my kayak and paddled past the Washington Street and Rt. 53 Bridge to where the North River opens up into a beautiful freshwater tidal marsh. An osprey flew overhead as I approached the confluence of the Herring Brook and the Indian Head River. I took a left to follow the Herring Brook upstream. The brook is easily navigable at first, and adorned by Yellow Flag Iris and Purple Iris, along with many islands of Arrowhead. I saw several Great Blue Herons and a Snowy Egret, along with several Painted Turtles along the bank.

By the time I got a bit further up the brook, however, the passage got a lot narrower and became more overgrown, making it necessary to leave the boat at times. The downstream current also made things somewhat more difficult. At one point, I was definitely lost, and left my boat in a particularly overgrown and constrained area to go explore. I turned back after growing thirsty but could not find my boat for at least 20 minutes, and then finally found a portage route to what thankfully turned out to be the real Herring Brook. Not completely fazed, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the Brook as it meandered upstream, and even took some pictures of the landscape and of a brilliant blue Damselfly (the Ebony Jewelwing). Looking ahead where the marsh began to open up, I could see the Pembroke Herring Run Park and made it through the underbrush to meet up with my mother, uncle Seth and Olaf.


  1. Hello! I am researching the North River and the Third Herring Brook for an art project. Out of all the websites I have visited, yours has been the most helpful! I am wondering if you have any more photos you'd be willing to share. Most specifically, I am looking for images of the uppermost portions of the Third Herring Brook, where thie water first begins! But any images would do. Please comment back if you get this comment and would be willing to share more photos! Thanks! Emily

  2. Hey Emily, sorry didn't get this until now! How should I contact you?

  3. I am interested in kayaking the Wampanoag Canoe Passage. Gleaning information from the accounts here makes me wonder how punishing a lot of it is, and how recent rainfall amounts would affect conditions. A few days ago I found the bog between Little Sandy Bottom and Stetson Ponds closed, necessitating a 1.2mi portage that begins with rt 27--which has no shoulder. Could you comment on your experiences at specific tough stretches, and any workarounds you would suggest?